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Sasha Doll UK

Studio and Course dolls for sale


BI Studio doll late 40s/early 50s.  This beautiful dark eyed beauty has a few issues but is a wonderful early doll. She has a tiny rub on her cheek  and a small tiny ding to her ear . She has a hand tied wig which is material based and glued in place which looks original but has shed badly , it appears that somebody has placed another wig over the top to avoid any damage when removing the original  they are both hand tied wigs both are shedding . Her stringing is all original and in good order and she has had no repairs , the felt pads to her arms are worn and the top of her left arm needs some more stuffing , the tricot to her wooden pelvis is worn and you can see wood though looks stable .Her tricot is discoloured and she has two tiny repairs to the back of her legs and some small holes to her right arm which need some attention . She also has a tiny scratch to her left temple which is not bad but needs mentioning . Her face paint is beautiful with a tiny rub to her top lip . Her dress and pants look and feel original but they are unlabelled as are her shoes are reproductions but are well made  .Please email me for extra pictures of body condition etc   SALE PENDING


1946 BI Rare Rubber head Studio doll. This very rare to find young lady is in gently played condition . Around only 100 Rubber headed dolls were made in the 1940s due to the rubber not being the best material Sasha had used to date, paint and glue were hard to adhere and being rubber heat was not its best friend. Not many of these dolls remain and this is the first I have seen close up . She is a strange looking little lady and one of the first made with the pale tricot body and pale face . She retains her original wig which is real hair and nicely styled , her tricot is clean with some yellowing to the arms and legs .Her face also has some surface dirt present. Her face paint is good with rubbing to her lips . She comes wearing a Vintage dress which is unlabelled and I do not believe to be original .REDUCED Price £2200

Course doll rewigged in Ruthsdolls outfit . This pretty brown eyed girl is in gently played condition. She has no original hair and comes with a wig which is not glued on stitched in place so she can be transformed into a boy or girl . She has good clean tricot and her face paint is good with some paling to the lips . She comes wearing a pretty dress set by Ruthsdolls complete with handknit socks and leather shoes . SALE PENDING

Studio/Course doll sized clothing

Green Studio/Course doll Angora knitted cardigan by Jane Woodbridge I have two of these available  Price £30 each 

Pink Studio/Course doll Angora knitted cardigan by Jane Woodbridge Price £30

Red Studio/Course doll Angora knitted cardigan by Jane Woodbridge I have two of these available  Price £30 each

Bluebell Studio/Course doll Angora knitted cardigan by Jane Woodbridge Price £30

Turquoise Studio/Course doll Angora knitted cardigan by Jane Woodbridge Price £30

Raspberry Studio/Course doll Angora knitted cardigan knitted in vintage dusky pink, Patons Fuzzy Angora yarn 1950s-1960s by Jane Woodbridge Price £30

Studio/Course doll sized Vintage fleece coat with short sleeves Price £10

Course doll sized short sleeved red and blue check shirt by Pumpkin patch Price £10

Studio/Course doll Handknitted socks by Thu Cuc Faes , I have THREE pairs available Price £10 each 

Non Clothing items 

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