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Paper items page , Books, patterns, magazines ,postcards and anything else flat that can be read  ;o)

Signed Paperback Sasha Doll through the years book, also penned to the person who purchased this book so there name is present also . Price £40 SALE PENDING

Set of two folders containing in total 40 Friends os Sasha Magazines, not all present or in sequence , but beautifully looked after with many patterns and info . Price £100

Set of three leaflets, from 1979 , 1985 and Where do Sashas come from leaflet . Price £15

Sasha in Motion mini Booklet Price £10 

Selection of Six A4 Gotz Catalogues, one 80s leaflet and one 70s black and white leaflet plus mini Gotz booklet . Price £30

Set of 2 large A 4 Catalogues Price £8

Set of 2 A4 size later Gotz catalogues Price £10

A4 Gotz Catalogue Price £4

Where do Sashas come from leaflet

Price £5

Set of three mini Gotz Booklets Price £5

Selection of four Leaflets no2 in used but good order with dates marked in biro to front, two from 70s and two from 80s . Price £24

Selection of leaflets set x consisting of 1985 English leaflet, two mint Gotz leaflets and one haircare sheet Price £12 

Set of Trendon Postcards I have ONE pack of these Price £15

set of postcards Price £10

1975 Leaflet Group shot Price £10 

1976 Leaflet no 14 issue 1 Price £10

1979 Leaflet Group shot Price £10 

Early 70s Black and white leaflet in good order Price £15

1980 Catalogue no18 issue 1 Price £5

1983 Sasha catalogue no25 issue1 Price £5

1985 Catalogue no27 issue 1 Price £5

Set of two 80s catalogues one a little creased . 1983 and 1980 Price £6

Haircare sheet Price £3

Sasha Dolls the History book is used but good order Price £40

Mint condition still sealed Migros pattern boys  a small hole to front but never been opened. Price £60

Sasha Doll English doll charts plus two leaflets in used condition Price £10 

 1996 Friends of Sasha volume 8 Price £20

1998 Friends of Sasha volume 10 Price £20

Set of 2 Sasha World Magazines in used condition Price £10

Set of 2 Golden hands pattern books , containing the underwear and tunic patterns Price £15

Set of 2 Golden hands pattern books containing the sweater and tunic patterns . Price £15 

Head to Toe pattern book  Price £20

Bambino Bello Baby pattern Price £5

Museum Flyer with beautiful pics of some of the most famour Studio dolls . I have a few of these available Price £2 each 

Set of four beautifully made blank message cards and envelopes by Anne Votaw . These cards are excellent quality printed front, reverse and inside with quality self seal envelopes . I have few sets available Price £10

Doll Festival knitting patterns book for Sasha and other dolls Price £5

Sasha Doll History promotional postcard with front cover of the book on the reverse side . Price £4

Isofix carrier bag sealed in plastic bag in very good order but not perfect . Price £10

Doll Castle News 2003 this magazine has pages of Sasha articles , I am adding a sneek pic below  I have two of these Price £5 each

Yazoo record single no1 in used condition rare red record , cover a little crinkled and worn with a slit along the bottom seam Price £10

Yazoo record single no 2 in use but good order Price £15

70s set of Sasha doll Postcards Price £15

Set of postcards number 2 same as above Price £12

Small selection of Studio doll magazine cut outs, a Sasha secret mag print out and a 76 Sasha doll leaflet Price £20

Set of 2 Sasha Secrets DVD magazines Price £4

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