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Sasha Doll UK


Paper items page , Books, patterns, magazines ,postcards and anything else flat that can be read  ;o)

Limited Edition set of Sasha doll Photographs by Michael O'Brien Price £40

Rare 60s Black and white original factory postcard Price £10

Collection is Sasha Postcards, Where do leaflet, two Studio doll postcards, Ruths postcard, Black and white leaflet used and torn, clothing supplement, Museum brochure, festival bag, Gotz tags and end of box sticker Price £40

Set of three 70s Leaflets in very good condition Price £30

Set of seven Sasha doll leaflets including 4 80s and 3 70s leaflets plus one small Gotz leaflet Price £35 

Large lot of Sasha Leaflets and postcards set  Price £40

Sasha in Motion mini Booklet Price £10 

Selection of Six A4 Gotz Catalogues, one 80s leaflet and one 70s black and white leaflet plus mini Gotz booklet . Price £30

Set of 2 large A 4 Catalogues Price £8

Set of 2 A4 size later Gotz catalogues Price £10

A4 Gotz Catalogue Price £4

Where do Sashas come from leaflet

Price £5

Set of three mini Gotz Booklets Price £5

Selection of four Leaflets no2 in used but good order with dates marked in biro to front, two from 70s and two from 80s . Price £24

Selection of leaflets set x consisting of 1985 English leaflet, two mint Gotz leaflets and one haircare sheet Price £12 

Set of Trendon Postcards I have ONE pack of these Price £15

set of postcards Price £10

1975 Leaflet Group shot Price £10 

1976 Leaflet no 14 issue 1 Price £10

1979 Leaflet Group shot Price £10 

1980 Catalogue no18 issue 1 Price £5

1983 Sasha catalogue no25 issue1 Price £5

1985 Catalogue no27 issue 1 Price £5

Set of two 80s catalogues one a little creased . 1983 and 1980 Price £6

Sasha Dolls the History book is used but good order, I have ONE of these Price £40 each

Haircare sheet Price £3

Sasha Doll English doll charts plus two leaflets in used condition Price £10 

 1996 Friends of Sasha volume 8 Price £20

1998 Friends of Sasha volume 10 Price £20

Set of 2 Golden hands pattern books , containing the underwear and tunic patterns Price £10

Set of 2 Golden hands pattern books containing the sweater and tunic patterns . Price £10 

Museum Flyer with beautiful pics of some of the most famour Studio dolls . I have a few of these available Price £1 each 

Set of four beautifully made blank message cards and envelopes by Anne Votaw . These cards are excellent quality printed front, reverse and inside with quality self seal envelopes . I have few sets available Price £10

Doll Festival knitting patterns book for Sasha and other dolls Price £5

Sasha Doll History promotional postcard with front cover of the book on the reverse side . Price £4

Isofix carrier bag sealed in plastic bag in very good order but not perfect . Price £10

Yazoo record single no1 in used condition rare red record , cover a little crinkled and worn with a slit along the bottom seam Price £10

Yazoo record single no 2 in use but good order Price £15

70s set of Sasha doll Postcards Price £15

Set of postcards number 2 same as above Price £12

Small selection of Studio doll magazine cut outs, a Sasha secret mag print out and a 76 Sasha doll leaflet Price £20

Set of 2 Sasha Secrets DVD magazines Price £4

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