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Sasha Doll UK
Here's your chance to put a face to a name.
It's great to have so many Sasha friend's; some of us have been lucky enough to meet face to face. But for others the only correspondence we have is through e-mails and chat pages. I thought it might be fun to have a page where we can have photographs on view with our favourite Sasha or Sasha's!!
Please email me with pics at also a few lines of what you would like beside your pic ie: name , location etc.
Meet Chloe my little Granddaughter who is now nearly two years old ;o) and already learning to play dolls . I hope she is more a dolly girl than her Mum was lol . I am looking forward to buying her her first Sasha in a year or two , For now she is content to play with my childhood doll. ;o)
Chloe now nearly 3 is loving Addison who is her favourtie dolly even though she does have Pippa now the blonde who is her very own doll and Little Baby George named by Chloe is still a regular visitor to her house for sleepovers . Addison I have to get to keep here lol .
Here,s my Chloe now nearly 4 in three days . She has a growing collection of dolls and accessories , her dolls are called Alison, Pippa and Princess plus her baby who's name keeps changing in the picture is my original baby George who is always loved when Chloe comes to play .
Growing up so fast, my Grandaughter Chloe now 6 still loving her Sasha dolls though she also loves Monster high dolls too. I can see the attraction ;o) At least I can just share her's lol .
Shelly from Middlesex in the UK with some of my Sasha's oh and Gregor of course.

Here is our first selfie for Collectors corner ;o) Say Hello to Dianne from Canada with her super collection of very smartly dressed girls and boys . Thank you for such a great pic .

Christina and Trish from the UK. Here is a pic of Trish's birthday sleepover at Chris's. Trish is seated whilst all the Sasha's sing Happy birthday!! Thankyou Chris for such a lovely picture.
Here is Emilie I believe our youngest collector. She lives in Manchester and has a lovely Mummy who buys her lots of Sasha's. Andrea we all want to be adopted by you!! Thankyou for such a lovely picture.
Jodey aged 10 with his Gregor called for some strange reason Gan ning I am told he is a character from a computer game.
This picture is of Fanny from The Netherlands with two of her Sasha's pictured next to a van that, with a little red added could defintely be a Sasha Wagon. Thankyou so much for this great picture !
Here is Abby aged 6 and her "Alice" (an 80s blond gingham) at the Sasha Festival in IA. A lovely picture , Your Alice is delightful Abby. Thankyou ;o)
This is Betsy aged 6 with her Sasha named Sophie, Her hair has been styled by Sophie. She looks beautiful !
This is Catherine from Cheshire with her delightful collection. I love your early Brunette Sasha ;o) Thankyou for such a wonderful picture.
This is the lovely Mavis from Manchester with her lovely Sasha doll collection. Thankyou for such a lovely picture ;o)
Here is Helen from N/hamptonshire With her lovely collection of girls not forgetting the two little babies. Thanks for sharing ;o)

This is a very nice Picture of Pamela from Australia ;o) Pictured in the UK getting ready to go home , notice the almost matching outifts! Thanks for such a great Picture Pam xxx

Meet Ava Pam's little 3 year old Granddaughter who instantly fell for her Grandma's new Gregor shorts but then who wouldn,t ;o)
Here we have our very own Patty who clothes the nation :o) what a truly smart looking collection . Thankyou for such a lovely picture , keep up the good work .
This is Barbara Jost from Switzerland who sent this very nice picture through of herself with her excellent Sasha collection. Thankyou so much for such a lovely picture ;o)
Here we have Thu Cuc Faes from Switzerland with her very very nice collection of Sasha Dolls. Thank you so much for sharing ;o)
This is Elle from Dorset UK, with her very pretty 70s Sasha called Krystal and her Brunette baby Ruby . What well dressed Sashas Elle Thank you so much for this brilliant picture . ;o)
Here we have Jake from Dorset UK with Gregor ,Great picture Jake thank you for supporting the boys , there a way to many girls in collectors corner ;o)
This is the lovely Jo from Dorset with her fab collection of Sasha Dolls complete with original packaging . Thank you Jo this Pic is a real joy to see ;o)
Here with have Joseph from Northants with his Gregor who likes to go on outings . I love the matching caps ;o)
Here We have Shannon from Manchester with all her Nana's dolls . You have to look real hard to find her ;o)

Here we have Douglas from Walnut Creek CA U.S with newly started collection of Sasha dolls . Great to have a Male collector willing to share a pic , Thank you ;o)

Here we have Elizabeth with two of her Grandma's Sashas . Thank you so much for such a sweet picture ;o)
Here we have Jeanette with her Sasha Lydia ann pictured in Hero's square, Budapest , Jeanette is also Elizabeth's Grandma ;o) Thank you for the great pic ;o)
Here we have Kiera who is Al & Patty's great Niece . She is pictured with her Sasha dolls Ruth and Patsy . They are both beautiful Kiera . Thank you for the pic ;o)
This lovely lady is Renate from Germany with her favourite No Philtrum girl dressed in a gorgeous Ruthsdolls outfit . Thank you so much Renate for sending through this Pic ;o)
Here we have Esme with her Mum's Sasha collection though I am sure that they share . Thank you Esme for making us all smile .
Here we have Evelyn with her Sasha collection all well groomed and looking smart .
Here we have Barbra from the Netherlands with her ever growing Sasha family . Barbra started collecting two years ago and can,t stop ;o) She would love to talk with other Sasha collectors from Holland .
This Fab picture sent in by Cheryl shows William and Chloe with Sasha, Gregor and Jack-Jack, who were having a camping expedition in the garden. I love the Tent ;o) Thank you for sending this through for us all to enjoy .
Here we have Thelma from Berkshire AKA Molly who makes beautiful Sasha clothing . She is pictured here with only part of her Sasha collection which I must say are all very smartly dressed ;o) Thank you for sharing such a lovely picture ;o)
This little lady is Eva, Granddaughter of Margaret Goodby who hopes that one day she will also be a Sasha doll collector , she is certainly showing interest . Thank you for such a charming picture of Eva ;o)
This two beautiful young ladies are Vicky Travis's Daughter Ella to the left and niece Sasha who love to play with there dolls when they get together , below is Vicky's youngest daughter Josie .
I am told Grannie is kept busy with crocheting and must say she does a super job .
Here we have Hanna from Surbiton having an afternoon of games ;o) Hanna is the grandaughter of Karin from Cambridge , Thank you for such a great pic . loving all the Sasha sized items ;o)
Here we have Orlaith who is Christina Meatyard's Granddaughter , wow look at that picnin I bet Nanny helped out here ;o) Thank you for a truly delightful picture ;o)
From not so sunny Wales we have Gill and Gill with none other than Autumn one of Kelly's most famous repaint's Gill was Autumn's first owner and this Christmas she was reunited with her and they all look very pleased to be back together again ;o)
Here we have Yalile from Berkeley and El Cerrito California, she is Granddaughter to Sue Young . This picture was taken when she first got her new Christmas doll. She named her Hazel almost as soon as she saw her . I think Hazel is a perfect name for her . Thank you so much for sharing this fab pic .
Here we have Talia who is Yalile's first cousin , this picture was taken Christmas Eve a little while after she had found her Beautiful doll under the tree. Talia was also quick to pick out a name . She named her doll Hadly . I think I must ask Yalile and Talia to help me with names for my repaints ;o) Great names guys !! and great Pics. :o)
Such sweet pic here is Mo, Emma Antoine's little girl with her painted on oxidised brows ;o) She is having a little nap with Luke and Baby Lulu awwww . Thank you so such a delightful pic Emma . Where is the one of you ??
Here is Mo with William and Teddy all looking ready for a fun day out with Mummy Emma ;o)
Here is Martine from France with her two Marianne's, the first one was a gift from her Grandmother in 1966 and the second one from 1995 from SashaDollUK , Martine adds she is very happy with such a nice webmail site . Thank you Shelly and hello to all the Sasha lovers . Thank you Martine for a great pic of your girls and yourself . ;o)
Here is Floryn, Melanie Hadorn's little boy playing with the Sasha Babies as Melanie points out they are all girls ;o) I love to see these special dolls played with and also the pristine ones too . Thank you for such a sweet pic ;o)
Here we have Vanessa with her beautiful Studio dolls and also some very early factory dolls , they have been perfectly staged on the very classy chest of drawers ;o) Thank you for this perfect pic , loving that little Studio boy at the back right ;o)
Young at Heart . Here is the lovely Cathy Himmel with her beloved Early Gotz Brunette Piper . Thank you so much for letting me add this beautiful pic to collectors corner Cathy ;o)

Here we have Marie aged 4 with Amelie . Marie is the Granddaughter of Anne Matthes just one of her 7 Grandchildren . Absolutely love this pic and how lucky is Amelie a perfect dinner ;o)

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