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Sasha Doll UK


Early English dolls dating from 1966-1972

This page is for items for sale. I will endeavour to describe all items accurately and all items will be original Sasha doll items unless otherwise stated. Please email me at to check for availability .


1967 Sasha Blonde No Philtrum in later Gingham dress . This blue eyed beauty is in played with but good condition . She has been professionally restrung and retains her original stringing inside her torso . She has soft hair with some frizz to the ends, she has had some rerooting to her fringe area and now has two rows of fringe rather than one . She has playwear present including a pin prick hole to her temple which has been filled , and 3 tiny dings to one cheek. She also has a pin prick to her torso, tiny scuff to her right knuckle , pinprick marks to her right foot and a ding to her toe on her left foot . Her face paint is beautiful , her lips have been repainted REDUCED Price £1200 SALE PENDING

1968 Sasha Redhead Re-root . This little lady is in played with but good condition . She had recieved a very short haircut from her original owner and has now been thoroughly re-rooted complete with her full centre parting . She has wider spaced rooting holes not the tightly spaced holes usually seen . She has been restrung but comes with her original stringing which is inside her torso . She has some light playwear present and also a little surface dirt . She has good face paint though her lips have oxidised with some rubbing present. She comes wearing a non original floral dress with commercially made pumps . OFFERS INVITED Price £625

1969 Sasha Brunette Waif in Riding outfit . This little lady is in played with but fair condition. Named Cassandra by her previous owner Cassandra retains her original stringing which is very loose . She has soft hair which is dry to the ends and falling a little when brushed through . She has three short plugs to her fringe which is a thick fringe . I have put her hat on at it likes to stand up high so would need a little taming, please email for pic of her hair  if needed . She has some playwear and surface dirt present, she also has a small ding to the tip of her nose . Her eye paint is good with the pinprick pupils , her lips have paled and are also rubbed . She comes wearing a Kathe Kruse Riding outfit and boots all in very good order except for her felt hat which has a few moth holes present. Price £280 

1972 Gregor Fair in Pyjamas outfit . This fair haired little lad is in played with but good condition and comes wearing a large silver tag and Pyjamas outfit which is not original to him but he likes it ;o) though he could do with some new elastic to his trousers . He retains his original stringing which is very loose especially in his arms . He has soft and silky hair which is nicely styled . He has some surface dirt present and some shiny marks to his face . He has good face paint though his lips have oxidised with some rubbing present . Price £180


Late 70s Gregor Fair Jumpsuit as new in box . This little Mint condition lad has been stored in an attic so although he has never been out of his box , he does have some issues due to being musty and speckled  . His original stringing needs replacing as he is very loose and his box as seen better days. He has nicely styled hair and vibrant face paint . He wears his full original outfit which is in good order . Price £140

If you have anything Sasha you would like to sell please email me with details. I am willing to buy direct or place your item on my for sale page. email for details.
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