Sasha Doll UK
Sasha Doll UK
Some close up pictures of the beautiful detailed handpainting and varied eyestyles
of No Philtrum Dolls.
1967 Sasha blonde "blue cord" and 1967 Sasha blonde "brown cord" both np have one row of fringe/bangs.
1966 No Philtrum Jeans girl
Another pic of 1967 Sasha blonde "blue cord " np doll.
A mint condition 1968 Sasha blonde "gingham".
Late 1967 Sasha redhead "dungarees" no philtrum doll.
1968 Gregor dark "denim /jeans" and 1968 Sasha blonde "gingham".
1967 Sasha blonde "brown cord" no philtrum girl.
1967/68 Gregor Dark "denims/jeans" An early no philtrum boy
1967 Sasha Redhead "Ballet" A very pretty Np Girl.
1966 Sasha Blonde "Blue Cord" Wonderful big blue eyes all hand painted no lashes.
A 1967 Sasha Brunette "Gingham" A really pretty girl .
Two very pretty Redhead girls from 1967 .
Two beautiful early Brunettes hair is nearly jet black.
A 1966 Redhead with stunning eyepaint.
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