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Sasha Doll UK
This page is for items for sale. I will endeavour to describe all items accurately and all items on this page are non original items . Please email me at to order anything .

Non Original clothing


Vintage-Sasha coat and velvet beret with added doggie brooch, long socks by Ruthsdolls and black Boneka lace up shoes Price £70 SALE PENDING

The Dollworks brown cord coat with Ruthsdolls velvet beret with flower, Petrana dress and pants and black tights by Ruthsdolls Price £80 SALE PENDING

Ruthsdolls Mink coloured duffle with tartan lining, comercially made boots and knitted hat maker unknown Price £35 SALE PENDING

Petrana skirt, sweater, beret , tights and Steiff teddy bear Price £40

Frances Tricket ballet outfit with red silk knickers and added hair wreath Price £40 SALE PENDING

Stomar dress with soft on Sasha cardigan and tam plus tights maker unknown Price £45 SALE PENDING

Brown brushed cotton studio style outfit with leaf print , petticoat, bloomers and socks with Ruthsdolls distressed boots added Price £45 SALE PENDING

Ruthsdolls Pink floral dress set with reverisble hat, plus added bolero and Frilly Lilly floral pumps Price £45 SALE PENDING

Petrana monochrome dress, beret, pants,tights and Boneka shoes Price £45 SALE PENDING

Vintage-Sasha Black floral dress set Price £35 SALE PENDING

Fox print raincoat and hat with fox badge Price £25 SALE PENDING

Girl for all time party dress set with dress, petticoat, pants, shoes and accessories Price £30

Ruthsdolls Red Studio style dress, bloomers ,socks and boots with added petticoat, angel wings, stocking, and wreath perfect for Christmas Price £60 SALE PENDING

Country girl outfit Studio style consisting of dress , v neck tank top, rustic handmade socks in bag and pants . Price £20

American girl dungarees with Soft on Sasha cardigan, beret , Ruthsdolls waif boots and blue cotton socks Price £65 SALE PENDING

American Giril white dungarees Price £30 SALE PENDING

Reproduction Boys school outfit , in very good order with a few tiny holes to the blazer Price £15

A Passion for Sasha Four Piece Floral rust Studio doll style outfit Price £45

Kathe Kruse Navy check dress in as new condition with slight musty odour from storage Price £35

Brown floral pinafore with Boneka blouse Price £25

Denim skirt.T shirt and blue cardigan Price £25

Rosie Laird khaki/purple knit sweater, hat, scarf and added jeans Price £20

Grey mohair sweater and black trousers Price £18 SALE PENDING

Dollypatch pinafore dress outfit and added boots Price £50 

Burgundy multi sweater dress, bobble hat tights and Ugg type boots Price  £50

Blue fleece fully lined ice skating coat and feather trimmed hat Price £25

Terracota handsmocked long sleeved dress with handmade leather shoes and mesh socks Price £40 

Gotz Brand duffle with three quarter length jeans , tshirt and dog Price £25

Minnie Bloomers Designs Tom the cabin boy outfit with commercially made  red stripe socks and hat. Price £25

Sailor outfit by Vicky in very good order with a small hole to the back of the left arm the light is purely sunshine not fading . Price £20 

Beige Floral dress and shorts by Molly Price £20 

Bevbeesedollytogs pink dungarees and cat print T shirt Price £18

Felt Lederhosen with 80's school shirt, shirt has got a small red stain on the left sleeve Price £25

Selection of Clothkits clothing in good order with a small mark to the arm of the shirt  Price £20

Pink spotted Raincoat and hat fits Sasha . I have two of these Price £10 each

Floral smock top with crochet waist coat and collar Price £20

Stomar Purple leaf print dress set Price £12

Cupcake print dress and bloomers Price £10

Blue check tutu, headband and leg warmers , no pants included Price £10

Gotz Pink oversize ballet set with pink tights added Price £12

3 Piece blue stripe cotton set for Sasha Price £20

Bright pink/blue purple dress maker unknown Price £18

Patty Cream/pink floral cord dress with lace cuffs Price £15
Patty Cream floral smocked dress Price £15
Patty Green/blue/red floral dress Price £15
Turquoise floral dress and pants Price £12
Pink floral long sleeved dress and hat Price £12

Lilac Studio style dress set and bloomers Price £16

Oversized mustard T shirt with floral skirt and crochet scarf suits 80s dolls better Price £12 

Aqua Floral four piece dress set and bolero Price £28

Pink Magic attic tracksuit oversized but really cute suits later large dolls better , tiny mark on star on t shirt Price £10

Reproduction brown cord dress in used condition with some fading present and a little yellowing to the collar Price £5

Green diagonal check dress by Betty Warburton in need of fasteners to rear . Price £8

Vintage Oversized green vinyl zip up pinafore and hand knit sweater , still a little big on the 80s dolls but so sweet . Price £20

Chinese style dress originally a bottle cover , small run in material to back Price £10

Pink sweater and skirt set  , sweater handknitted with Australian alpaca mohair by Jane Woodbridge/Denham and skirt by Christina Meatyard needs popper added to rear to be perfect for your dolls waist size tights maker unknown. Price £25

Gotz green leag dress and cardigan set with added hat , this dress is made for a Gotz doll not Sasha Price £20

Brown Autumn tiered dress, pantaloons and beret maker unknown Price £35

Vintage Handmade wool coat lined with 60s style dress Price £20

Pink Camo jacket and hat Price £15

Red Robe very much like the original Gotz robe Price £20

Set of two brown herringbone trousers by Patty Price £8

Patty Short Duffle and Trousers set Price £18

White hooded fleece with grey velour trousers Price £15

Patty Pink duffle coat, mohair cardi , tights and socks Price £22

Pale Green Anorak Price £8

Multi plad duffle by Vicky Price £20

Vintage Red raincape and hat in used but good order with a little dirt present to hem . Price £20

Vintage handmade dress, bag and thick fur coat Price £10

Green Skater coat with mother or pearl buttons plus scarf in played condition and a slight musty odour  Price £20

The Dollworks blue fleece duffle coat Price £10

Pale Green cord anorak  with grey lining maker unknown Price £10

The Dollworks Blue fleece duffle coat Price £20

The Dollworks Red winter coat Price £40

Santa outfit complete with beard for Sasha/Gregor just add boots and belt Price £40

Vintage handmade white petticoat and bloomers with some yellowing to the rear  Price £10 

Vintage Red tartan trousers Price £8

Vintage Oversized blue terry towelling pants suit 80s dolls better  Price £4

Red Coat by Patty with moth holes present with navy  hand knitted hat and scarf set Price £12

Vintage red fleece hand made poncho Price £5

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