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Original clothing sales


This page is for items for sale. I will endeavour to describe all items accurately and all items will be original Sasha doll items unless otherwise stated. Please email me at to order anything .

60s Frido Dungarees, blouse, orange soled sandals and Red duffle in very good order with some paper and glue residue to soles of sandals Price £250

60s Frido Dungarees, blouse and brown soled sandals , blouse is from a dress set with a yellowed tape mark from packaging, sandals have some wear to soles and fraying to insoles . Price £200

60s Frido Grey Dungarees and blouse in used but good order with some slight yellowing to blouse Price £150

1965 Gotz Developmental Brown cord outfit in used but good order complete with white side buckle shoes . Dress and pants good with light fading present though pants need some new elastic , vest very early kind with poppers to shoulders tiny holes present, socks and rare to find side buckle shoes a little yellowed with age . Price £200

60s Frido Grey shorts with some tiny moth holes, original ribbed vest and pants with later belt shirt by Ruthsdolls and commercially made socks Price £50

60s Gotz Blazer and school dress in used but very good order Price £120
65 Gotz Brown cord dress no1 in used but good order Price £120
1965 Gotz Brown cord dress and pants no2 in used and slighty faded condition, pants need new elastic , collar discoloured Price £80
60s Gotz Brown vinyl fur trim coat and skirt in used condition with two vinyl tabs missing Price £90

60s Frido Kilt outfit in used but good order , Pants need some new elastic and pleats could do with repressing, also velcro tab is worn . Price £95

60s Frido Pyjama outfit in played but good order , slippers appear odd as one is a different shade of red and trousers have some staining to the legs Price £25

80s Tunic outfit in used condition with a tiny hole to the front of the tunic and some speckling to the shoes . Price £20 

80s Tunic outfit with added non original tights Price £20

80s School dress and blouse with added non original tam and tights Price £20

Late 70s Pink pleat dress with non original white tights, dress is a little faded and missing belt also has a small greens stain to hem Price £15

 Set 1 Complete Prince Gregor outfit with wig and certificate plus flyer Price £35

Later Gotz Raincoat set in good order with some slight staining to one boot Price £40
Prince Gregor outfit complete with shoes inn used but good order Price £25

70s Kilt, sweater and pants in used but good order Price £35

70s Blue tracksuit top , bottoms and shoes in used but good order with some  slight yellowing to zip panel . Price £35

70s Complete Blue suit outfit in very good order Price £35 

Early Cora stripe dress and pants in used but good order though elastic has perished in pants and cuffs Price £15

80s Red Pinafore, blouse and tag Price £25

Mid 70s White suit top bottoms and nappy in used and yellowed condition Price £8 

White Sweater in very good order Price £20

Minty Early 70s Sweater and jeans, Small snag in hem of sweater Price £20

70s Blue suit top and trousers set A in used but good order with a hole to the crutch which needs a repair. Price £10

Late 70s Gregor denims outfit complete with sandals in need of glue Price £20

70s Jeans and sweater in used condition Price £12

70s Ballet outfit in played with condition , tutu has seen better days and shoes have marks to soles , leotard and shoes are also yellowed, cape is in good order Price £15

Early 70s Pyjamas outfit in used condition with one slipper missing also has vintage odour from storage . Price £20

70s Pyjama set A missing slippers and needing elastic to trousers there is also a little yellowing to tops of trousers , in used but good order Price £15

Prince Gregor, top, trousers and hat as new Price £18

80s Anniversary dress and pants in used and dusty condition . I have two of these Price £15 each

80s Spotty party dress and sash in used but good order with four small yellow stains present. Price £15

80s Marina Blouse slighty yellowed to the front Price £8

70s Red dress and pants in played condition with white rubber residue to pants and a little on dress Price £5

Set of 4 60s/70s Gingham dresses and three pairs of pants, one dress has replaced poppers and some yellowing is also present all in used but good order pants need elastic  . Price £30 

Early 70s Gingham dress with stain to collar Price £10
Early 70s Gingham dress and vest no5 in used but good condition with half popper missing to cuff Price £10

Early 70s dress no8 in used but good order with one half popper missing from rear Price £10

60s Gingham dress, pants and vest in used and slightly yellowed condition Price £25

Set of two early 70s Gregor denims sweaters and jeans in used condition One sweater stretched and faded Price £20

70s Gingham dress and pants no8 with some yellowing to front in used condition Price £8

 Set of Late 70s Gingham dress back seam open needs repairing in used but good order  plus the below pictured jeans with hole in crotch and PJ top with mark to collar and popper added ,apologies they are not all pictured together but rushing to complete listing before Christmas ;o)  All three items for  Price £8

Later Caleb Trousers and sweater in used but good condition Price £15

to go with above gingham dress PRICE £8

DIY Baby sheet as new Price £5

DIY Gregor outfit sheet in as new condition Price £5

70s Red duffle set Mint in Packet no tag , box a little tatty . Price £40

Later Gotz Raincoat set Mint in Packet Price £50
60s Frido Pyjama top in used condition with felt pen to the back Price £3

60s Gotz vest and pants with English socks . Vest and pants have a few small holes and socks have green stains from poppers on shoes Price £12 

60s Gotz Vest and 70s English pants in used condition , vest has sticky residue to the waist and pants need new elastic Price £4 

70s Red Pants Price £5

60s Gotz Candystripe pants in need is new elastic Price £10

60s Gotz Candystripe pants with some yellowing present and new elastic needed Price £8


Reproduction wooden neck ring for early Gotz dolls I have 4 available   Price £8 each

Selection of Six A4 Gotz Catalogues, one 80s leaflet and one 70s black and white leaflet plus mini Gotz booklet . Price £30

Set of 2 large A 4 Catalogues Price £8
Set of 2 A4 size later Gotz catalogues Price £10
A4 Gotz Catalogue Price £4

Where do Sashas come from leaflet Price £5

Set of three mini Gotz Booklets Price £5
Selection of four Leaflets no2 in used but good order with dates marked in biro to front, two from 70s and two from 80s . Price £24

Selection of leaflets set x consisting of 1985 English leaflet, two mint Gotz leaflets and one haircare sheet Price £12 

Set of Trendon Postcards I have ONE pack of these Price £15

1975 Leaflet Group shot Price £10 

1976 Leaflet no 14 issue 1 Price £10

1979 Leaflet Group shot Price £10 

Early 70s Black and white leaflet in good order Price £15

1980 Catalogue no18 issue 1 Price £5
1983 Sasha catalogue no25 issue1 Price £5

1985 Catalogue no27 issue 1 Price £5 SALE PENDING

Set of two 80s catalogues one a little creased . 1983 and 1980 Price £6

Haircare sheet Price £3

60s Frido Plain back gold tag with some rubbing to the gold edges and in need of rethreading Price £120 

60s Frido Printed back Gold tag , I have two of these Price £80 each 

 60s Frido Gold tag printed back , small damage to the paper side Price £60 

Small silver tags in need of re-threading . Price £12 EACH


Crayon Tube no lid in damaged but still solid condition Price £10 

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