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Original clothing sales


This page is for items for sale. I will endeavour to describe all items accurately and all items will be original Sasha doll items unless otherwise stated. Please email me at to order anything .

Reproduction ankle socks 5 Pairs available Price £4 a pair SALE PENDING

60s Frido kilt outfit in used but very good order Price £120

1965 Gotz Developmental Brown cord outfit in used but good order complete with white side buckle shoes . Dress and pants good with light fading present though pants need some new elastic , vest very early kind with poppers to shoulders tiny holes present, socks and rare to find side buckle shoes a little yellowed with age . Price £200

1966 Gotz Navy Farmpants set in used but good order with a little red mark to one sandal and some slight yellowing to blouse . Price £125

60s Gotz Complete boys school outfit in used condition. Blazer has a few specks present, vest and pants have a few tiny holes and new elastic needed, belt leather is worn to front, shoe leather is brittle could do with some leather cream or nivea which works nicely . Socks are not original . Price £100

1969 Frido Blue cord dress, pants and newey snap shoes in used but good order , dress set has some light fading, shoes have missing heels with some wear to the soles, the back seam is also gaping a little so would welcome a repair.Price £80

60s Gotz Blazer and school dress in used but very good order Price £120
65 Gotz Brown cord dress no1 in used but good order Price £120
1965 Gotz Brown cord dress and pants no2 in used and slighty faded condition, pants need new elastic , collar discoloured Price £80
60s Gotz Brown vinyl fur trim coat and skirt in used condition with two vinyl tabs missing Price £90

60s Frido Kilt outfit in used but good order , Pants need some new elastic and pleats could do with repressing, also velcro tab is worn . Price £95

80s Tunic outfit with added non original tights Price £20

80s School dress and blouse with added non original tam and tights Price £20

Late 70s Pink pleat dress with non original white tights, dress is a little faded and missing belt also has a small greens stain to hem Price £15

Later Gotz Raincoat set in good order with some slight staining to one boot Price £40

Mid 70s Green dress in used but good condition with some light fading Price £20 

Later Gotz Check baby top with English tights Price £20

Early 70s Ballet cape no 2 in used but good condition Price £15

Prince Gregor outfit complete apart from hat  with certificate and flyer  Price £35

Prince Gregor outfit complete with shoes inn used but good order Price £25

70s Kilt, sweater and pants in used but good order Price £45 

70s Blue tracksuit top , bottoms and shoes in used but good order with some  slight yellowing to zip panel . Price £35

70s Complete Blue suit outfit in very good order Price £35 

Early Cora stripe dress and pants in used but good order though elastic has perished in pants and cuffs Price £15

80s Red Pinafore, blouse and tag Price £25

Mid 70s White suit top bottoms and nappy in used and yellowed condition Price £8 

Minty Early 70s Sweater and jeans, Small snag in hem of sweater Price £20

70s Blue suit top and trousers set A in used but good order with a hole to the crutch which needs a repair. Price £10

Late 70s Gregor denims outfit complete with sandals in need of glue Price £20

70s Jeans and sweater in used condition Price £12
Early 70s Pyjamas outfit in used condition with one slipper missing also has vintage odour from storage . Price £20

70s Pyjama set A missing slippers and needing elastic to trousers there is also a little yellowing to tops of trousers , in used but good order Price £15

Prince Gregor, top, trousers and hat as new Price £18

70s Gregor Pyjamas set , yellow stain to front of top and elastic needed to pants Price £25 SALE PENDING

80s Marina Blouse slighty yellowed to the front Price £8

Set of 4 60s/70s Gingham dresses and three pairs of pants, one dress has replaced poppers and some yellowing is also present all in used but good order pants need elastic  . Price £30 

Early 70s Gingham dress with stain to collar Price £10
Early 70s Gingham dress and vest no5 in used but good condition with half popper missing to cuff Price £10

Early 70s dress no8 in used but good order with one half popper missing from rear Price £10

60s Gingham dress, pants and vest in used and slightly yellowed condition Price £25

Set of two early 70s Gregor denims sweaters and jeans in used condition One sweater stretched and faded Price £20
Later Caleb Trousers and sweater in used but good condition Price £15
70s Gingham dress and pants no8 with some yellowing to front in used condition Price £10

Late 70s Gingham dress back seam open needs repairing in used but good order Price £5

DIY Baby sheet as new Price £5

DIY Gregor outfit sheet in as new condition Price £5

70s Baby Shawl Price £5

Early 70s Mint in box Kilt outfit complete with large silver tag . Price £80

Early 70s Gregor London outfit Mint in Box complete with large silver tag. Price £40

70s Red duffle set Mint in Packet no tag , box a little tatty . Price £40

MIP 70s Jumpsuit outfit and tag Price £50

MIP 70s Blue suit outfit plus tag Price £50

Mid 70s Mint in box Raincoat set and small silver tag no1  Price £40

70s Trendon Raincoat set Mint in box Price £60
Later Gotz Raincoat set Mint in Packet Price £50
60s Frido Pyjama top in used condition with felt pen to the back Price £3

60s Gotz Vest and pants in  used but good order with two small repairs to pants Price £10 

60s Gotz vest and pants with English socks . Vest and pants have a few small holes and socks have green stains from poppers on shoes Price £12 

60s Gotz Vest and 70s English pants in used condition , vest has sticky residue to the waist and pants need new elastic Price £4 

Selection of socks and one baby shoes , One pair of socks are 60s Gotz others are non original , one pair brand new in packet diamond knee highs and two odd, one right baby shoe Price £10 

Baby White suit pants Price £5

70s Red Pants Price £5

60s Gotz Green pants with new elastic fitted  Price £10

60s Gotz Candystripe pants in need is new elastic Price £10

60s Gotz Candystripe pants with some yellowing present and new elastic needed Price £8


Reproduction wooden neck ring for early Gotz dolls I have 4 available   Price £8 each

70s Sasha Doll poster in used condition with a little tape mark present and a rough edge , please email me for extra pictures . Price £15

Selection of Six A4 Gotz Catalogues, one 80s leaflet and one 70s black and white leaflet plus mini Gotz booklet . Price £30

Set of 2 large A 4 Catalogues Price £8
Set of 2 A4 size later Gotz catalogues Price £10
A4 Gotz Catalogue Price £4

Where do Sashas come from leaflet Price £5

Set of three mini Gotz Booklets Price £5
Selection of four Leaflets no2 in used but good order with dates marked in biro to front, two from 70s and two from 80s . Price £24

Selection of leaflets set x consisting of 1985 English leaflet, two mint Gotz leaflets and one haircare sheet Price £12 

Set of Trendon Postcards I have ONE pack of these Price £15

1975 Leaflet Group shot Price £10 

1976 Leaflet no 14 issue 1 Price £10

1979 Leaflet Group shot Price £10 

Early 70s Black and white leaflet in good order Price £15

1980 Catalogue no18 issue 1 Price £5
1983 Sasha catalogue no25 issue1 Price £5
1985 Catalogue no27 issue 1 Price £5
Set of two 80s catalogues one a little creased . 1983 and 1980 Price £6

Haircare sheet Price £3

60s Frido Plain back gold tag with some rubbing to the gold edges and in need of rethreading Price £120 

60s Frido Printed back Gold tag , I have two of these Price £80 each 

 60s Frido Gold tag printed back , small damage to the paper side Price £60 

Small silver tags in need of re-threading . Price £12 EACH

Later Gotz tag and damaged small silver tag Price £10  SALE PENDING


Frido Crayon tube and lid in good order though a little yellowed and some denting to lid Price £20

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