Sasha Doll UK
Sasha Doll UK


Socks and shoes both Original and non Original

Reproduction ankle socks 6 Pairs available Price £4 a pair


Dark Brown Ugg boots originally keyrings fit Sasha perfectly Price £40

set of 5 pairs of Dollypatch shoes Price £15

Ruthsdolls brown Mary Janes

Price £10

Fawn leather handmade side button shoes Price £6

Lisasdolls brown shoes Price £8

Fur trim white ice skates Price £15  

Handmade Brown suede fur trimmed boots Price £20

Black Faux suede clogs with neoprene soles Price £15

Atinas Black vinyl boots, I have two pairs of these Price £8 each 

Set of two keyring trainers both for left feet with some yellowing to the front of one Price £2

L.L Bean suede moccasin oversized Keyring slippers, they are still big on the 80s dolls would suit american girl dolls better . Price £15

Boys Black dress shoes handmade with neoprene soles Price £6

Oversized Heart cut out black shoes Price £4

Red oversized heart cut out shoes Price £4

White canvas pumps Price £4

Pink oversized cat shoes with a loose buckle, plus tin hello kitty bag . Price £8

Commercially made blue oversize T bars for Sasha suit 80s dolls better with thick socks Price £5

Navy Toddler Ankle strap shoes Price £8

Magic Attic Red patent oversized shoes and lace top socks. Allergy sufferers this item is fragrant but very nicely fragrant to everyone else  . Price £12

Bright Pink commerically made shoes for Sasha Price £8

Handmade brown leather sandals Price £5

Asi oversized brown lace up boots Price £8

Commercially made beige baby sized shoes Price £4

set of 8 odd shoes and 1 pair of boots Price £6

Crocheted slippers for Sasha Price £5

Original shoes 

 1965/66 Gotz White side buckle shoes in used but good condition , one shoe is a little whiter than the other Price £65 SALE PENDING

70's Brown vinyl sandals, two pairs available Price £10 each

60s Gotz Ski boots in used but very good order Price £70

60s Frido Brown leather Kilt/Gregor shorts lace ups in used but good order with a small split to eyelet on right shoe Price £28

60s Frido Gregor shorts shoes in used condition with leather quite dry and in need of a little TLC. Also small back split to back seam . Right heel is missing Price £30

Late 70s White slip on vinyl shoes in good order Price £18

70s Cream canvas lace ups with some yellowing present Price £6 SALE PENDING

Mid 70s White Mary janes in used but good order with some greening around the poppers and a little marking to the sides Price £20 SALE PENDING

70s Brown vinyl sandals in used but good order Price £12

80s Brown vinyl sandals in used but good order Price £10 

80s White Mary Janes in played with but good condition , some wear to the soles and one sole a little loose Price £10

80s White Vinyl Mary Janes in good order with some slight bleeding from soles Price £12 SALE PENDING

80s White vinyl Mary Janes with missing soles, someone has glued on some black felt shapes instead . Price £5

80s Prince Gregor Shoes in used and tatty condition Price £10

Late 70s Black knee high boots no1  in used but good order Price £10

Reproduction red sandals Price £12

60s Frido Navy Newey snap shoes in used condition with one strap snapped Price £40 

Oversized size 6 1/2 Generic white side buckle right shoe . Price £15

Set of 2 60s Gotz Right Ski boots in used but good order Price £25

Set of two right 60s Gotz prym snap shoes in used condition Price £12

60s Gotz Right Navy prym snap shoe heel missing and silver snap in used but good order Price £9

set of 2 original right shoes and 60's gotz right sandal with orange sole used condition Price £15

Set of cut off strap sandals and two odd shoes Price £8  SALE PENDING

Set of odd shoes, 70s Mary Jane, one 70s sandals and two original but odd socks . Price £5

Gregor/Sasha socks by Dollies4u

Dollie4u Cream/purple Multi pattern sock wool socks with back seam Price £4

Dollies4u Grey Multi pattern sock wool seamed socks Price £4

Sasha/Gregor socks by Sheila Vincent

Yellow/lilac mix lambswool socks Price £3 SALE PENDING

Lilac /mustard mix lambswool socks Price £3

Red/Navy stripe cotton knit socks Price £3 SALE PENDING

Non original socks and tights

Selection of 3 pairs of tights and 3 socks plus tubing to make socks Price £12 

Set of two pairs of tights Price £6

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