Sasha Doll UK
Sasha Doll UK


Socks and shoes both Original and non Original

Set of two keyring trainers both for left feet with some yellowing to the front of one Price £1

L.L Bean suede moccasin oversized Keyring slippers, they are still big on the 80s dolls would suit american girl dolls better . Price £10

Magic Attic Red patent oversized shoes and lace top socks. Allergy sufferers this item is fragrant but very nicely fragrant to everyone else  . Price £12

Green trainers boots in used condition, one boot is a little more yellowed to the white than the other Price £5

Pink Glitter trainer boots in used but good order with some yellowing to white Price £10

Original shoes 

Late 70s White vinyl slip one shoes with some pink to the front of one shoe Price £18

70s Brown vinyl knee high boots with a small part of seam needing repair Price £20

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