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Studio Dolls, Course Dolls , Clothing and accessories 

Course doll Redhead Braid hemp hair . I absolutely love this little girl , she is in displayed condition and retains her original hemp hair wig which is styled beautifully with two long braids. She as good clean tricot with beautiful vibrant face paint and a splash of freckles . Her outfit is made from vintage materials with pretty red felt shoes and hand knitted socks , a petticoat and bloomers also . Price £550 SALE PENDING

Course doll boy in school outfit . This sweet faced little lad is in displayed condition and has good clean tricot present. He wig is real hair and fully hand tied, it is in good order with some shedding when brushed through . His face paint is good with some fading to his lips . He comes wearing a modern but beautifull made outfit with handmade leather shoes and hand knitted socks , he also has a leather backpack which is brand new . Price £500

Course doll short haired rewig . This pretty green eyed girl is in displayed condition with good clean tricot . She has had her wig replaced with a good quality wig which hasbeen stitched in place . She has beautiful subtle green eyes that match her dress perfectly . Her pinafore is vintage though possibly not original to her , Her dress looks to be made later as are her shoes .Price £400

Strawberry Blonde Course doll in Green floral dress .This pretty short haired girl is in displayed condition. Her hand tied human hair wig is nicely styled and only sheds a little when brushed through . She has good clean tricot with vibrant face paint ,her lips have paled a little . She comes wearing a non original green dress and pants plus vest and Suede Mary Jane shoes . She also has a sweet little vintage brooch Price £500

Strawberry Blonde Course doll in long peach dress. This pretty brown eyed girl is in displayed condition with good clean tricot though her face has paled a little . She retains her original fully hand tied real hair wig which is in very good order though sheds a few hairs when brushed through which is quite normal. Her face paint is good with pretty brown eyes , she comes wearing a vintage long peach dress and wide brimmed sunhat , the sunhat is lighter so possibly faded . She also wears handmade suede Mary Jane style shoes . OFFERS INVITED  Price £400

Redhead Hemp Hair Course doll in ski pants. This sweet faced little lady is in displayed condition, she has good clean tricot but also has some discolouration present, She has some patches to her face . She retains her original hemp wig which is a little matted but styled nicely in a plait . Her eyes are a beautiful shade of aqua which compliment her little splash of freckles . She has some colour loss to her lips . She comes wearing a pair of wool ski pants , handknitted socks and a multi green knit cardigan. OFFERS INVITED Price £400

Studio/Course doll sized clothing

Studio/Course doll sized Cerise coat and tam with fur collar and pom detail Price £60

Studio/Course doll sized Pink leather shoes by Thu Cuc Faes Price £18

Studio/Course doll sized pink and white spotted rain mac and hat Price £20

Studio/Course doll red in galaxy twinkle yarn cardigan hand knitted by Jane Woodbridge

Price £20

Studio/Course doll red rowan angora yarn cardigan hand knitted by Jane Woodbridge

Price £30

Studio/Course doll sized Set of two lightly worn angora cardigans by Jane Woodbridge Price £40

Studio/Course doll sized altered Pumpkin patch checked shirt short sleeved Price £10

Studio/Course doll sized Vintage American girl Jacket Price £25

Course doll sized short sleeved yellow and blue check shirt by Pumpkin patch Price £10

Skein of hemp hair perfect for wig making. I have fOUR of these Price £20 each 

Lilac Studio/Course doll shoulder throw Price £10

Original Course doll pink fringed shoulder throw Price £10

Studio/Course doll Vintage silk top in used but good order with a few marks to front right side Price £20

Studio/Course doll sized Vintage ceramic antique silver looking Tea pot and cream jug. perfect for afternoon tea ;o) Price £20

Studio/Course doll sized Antique manicure kit ,scissors missing and the case has some splits present Price £15

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